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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Riddle of Addiction
Charlotte Reeves Bowman

This riddle,
this madness,
this sickness that....
makes children fear abandonment,
takes parents hostage,
leaves sores on the hearts of the inflicted.

The restlessness of
and only pretending that
is wrong....this is the junkie's anthem.
Love becomes another
anxious fix.

Some people know too
much about this riddle,
Know when it began,
how it evolved,
but they know absolutely nothing about the solution.
Some might long for it,
other's run from it,
but the human race as a whole tends to leave it alone.
Maybe some get courageous and try to catergorize it,
the holy rollers love to preach about it.....
trying to exorcise it with half truths about morality.
Problem is.....the riddle ain't a moral issue.
It's a beginning to an end,
a reminder that the human psysche has found a plastic answer for a wooded solution.