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Friday, January 06, 2006

My Mother's Book News

SPELLDOWN by Karon Luddy - 13-year old Karlene Bridges has had just about enough of Red Clover, South Carolina. With her older sister, Gloria Jean gone and married, Karlene is left to care for her young twin brothers, take care of Mama, and make sure Daddy lays off the alcohol. On top of that, Karlene has a National Spelling Bee to win.
Karlene has that fresh irreverence that might make some take her for a smart-aleck ­ like the time she corrects Mrs. Helms' pronunciation of hierarchy. Reading Whitman and Hemingway help Karlene make sense of the world, and with the butterfly-inducing Billy Ray to offer comfort, and the mentoring of Mrs. Amanda Harrison, Latin teacher extraordinaire, Karlene finds her way to young adulthood. This is a coming of age story for the ages.
Talia Cohen sold North American rights to Simon & Schuster for publication next summer. We retain translation rights.